The ReactiveFronts team is currently composed of 4 senior researchers, 2 post-doctoral researchers and 4 PhD students

PI: Tanguy Le Borgne, professor, University of Rennes

Permanent staff:

Joris Heyman, Research scientist, CNRS

Yves Méheust, University of Rennes, France

Hervé Tabuteau, Research scientist, CNRS

Alexis Dufresne, Research scientist, CNRS

Khalil Hanna, Professor, Rennes chemistry school


Julien Farasin, microbiology

Nicolas Waisbord, microfluidics and biophysics

PhD students

Charlotte Le Traon, reaction kinetics in chemical gradients

Hugo Sanquer, effect of mixing on fluid-solid reactions

Florian Goirand, oxygen transport in brain microvascular networks